Sunday, November 15, 2009

Welcome to The Wedding Wonderland!

As the story goes, boy asked girl, girl said "OMG!!11!SQUEE! YES!", and now they live happily ever after... right?

Right. But first there are the nuptials to plan. I know that I am not alone in a lack of outrageous wedding funds (alongside an unwillingness to spend outrageous funds) so I thought I would share my journey as my fiance, my cat, and I embark on this epic journey of planning a budget friendly, do-it-yourself wedding.

I have big plans for this blog so I hope you will bookmark me and check back often. I've been scouring websites, thrift stores, magazines, vintage wedding photos, old books, and wandering around in dark alleys seeking inspiration... and I plan to share all of my finds.

But first thing is first, let me tell you just a tad about us. My name is Tamera, I work part time in the hospitality industry and part time for myself as an artist/crafter. I am 22, a born and raised Georgia Peach, my first job was as an assistant wedding planner internship, and I have honestly always had a "thing" for weddings. My fiance, Zane, is 23 and a musician. He tends to play with various acts around Athens, Atlanta, and Nashville and has produced more electronic albums than I can honestly remember. We live in Athens, Georgia with the greatest cat ever and spend a lot of our free time playing video games together. We're a creative duo and we definitely work off of each other. He is my muse and likewise.

For our wedding we have a very modest budget, a strong desire to be earth friendly, a lot of great friends and family pitching in, and we're going to need a lot of ingenuity.
Plans so far include an outdoor ceremony and reception to be held in Bethlehem, Georgia on a private lake owned by my uncle. We want it to have a dreamy, colorful Midsummer Night's Dream meets Wonderland feel... tinkling crystals in the trees, vintage china (thrift stores!), creative centerpieces, etc.
So check back soon as I share all the goodies that I find with you

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