Monday, November 16, 2009

Geektastic Wedding Cakes

One of the things about my wedding that I have no clue what direction I want to head in is our wedding cake! We know what topper we want, I'm sculpting that out of clay (tutorial will be posted along with the finished product), but we also really want a cake that fits us.

We're big gamers, we play a lot together and individual. It's something we bonded over when we started dating so it's sentimental.

I've had an ongoing "cake" folder on my computer for a while, but I've done a lot more digging the past few days and I thought I would share some favorites... maybe you'll get some inspiration.I think that this is one of the most famous geek cakes on the net, I've seen it re-posted on more blogs than I can name but can't seem to locate the original source. If you know it drop me a comment and I will be glad to link. I seriously love this cake, and it's a style Zane agrees on.. hehe.I love this one so much... the galaxy and how sweet Mario and Peach look. Awe! You can find the proud couple who enjoyed this cake along with a lot of more great photos of it here.

Another favorite Mario cake is this one from Celebration Generation Cakes! So meticulous and well done! I love how well all these cake designers have pulled off the geeky element while still having well made, classy cakes. Skills, serious skills.
Jack and Sally hold a very dear place in my heart and this is probably my favorite of all the Nightmare Before Christmas cakes that I've come across. The one below was made by EB Cakes and really impresses me as well.

In the same Tim Burton vein is this uber stylish Corpse Bride cake!

A few more dorky, gamer friendly cakes that I love...

If you know the missing sources for the images above please leave me a comment, I'd love to give the creators credit =)

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